Tatiana Malinine’s conceptual depictions of the transformative effects of light and color convey a sense of harmony between sky and sea, and blend together contemporary design and artistic magnetism.

The pieces displayed here showcase a sampling of the artist’s work; an illuminating, vibrant confluence of colors and textures. These pieces epitomize the variations of color in the atmosphere, the waves of the ocean, and the fluid cloud formations above the Earth.

The artist utilizes large canvases as her backdrop for each piece of art. She begins each piece the same way, first building layers of color with the utilization of spray paint, then creating 3D texture by strategically placing common household items such as paper towels and bed linens across the canvas.

She applies highlighting and shading to the layers of texture with neocolor wax and acrylics to achieve a rich, vibrant, and ethereal picture, capturing the viewer’s eye and drawing his gaze outwards and beyond the boundaries of the creative space.

Blue-Greyscape TM1, 2013

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As one of the artist’s earliest pieces of modern impressionist art, the work is both transformative and moody. The artist completed this piece in 2013 utilizing shading techniques and household linens to create 3D texture as she does in her subsequent works. The dark blue overlying the white media draws the viewer’s eye inwards and outwards, as it bridges the space between skylight and darkness. The stark white-grey medium, spread as vibrant tendrils across the canvas, serves as a bright counterpoint to the smooth, tranquil blue-grey hues and shadows that ebb and flow throughout the piece. The artist’s blending of colors and textures in this early work created a foundation for her future paintings.

Red-Bluescape TM2, 2013

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For this early work, also completed in 2013, the artist was inspired to paint a drastic color scheme creating a significant departure from her other works to date. The artist chose to create a juxtaposition of fiery red and black images with cool blue tones to signify a tumultuous and intense period of inspiration in her life. The piece resounds with dark energy, coming to life the way a piece of music crescendos. The work brings to life the themes of resistance and futility coupled with harmony and rebirth. Utilizing her unique techniques blending paper and paint, the artist creates a spectacular portrayal of the complex human existence.

Blue-Green Whitescape TM3, 2015

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This piece, completed in 2015, signifies the first phase of the artist’s creative transition. This work while reminiscent of its darker, complex predecessors exists as a departure from earlier works. Just as dusk gives way to darkness and then the first rays of light at sunrise, the dark grays and blue-black marbling in this work blend and then disappear into the bright, light seascape. This piece is the first in this showcase that incorporates the theme of unity, epitomized by the depiction of animals. The two overlapping heads of the turtles embody harmony, togetherness, and a sense of peace in an otherwise tumultuous and unstable world.

Teal – Purple Greyscape TM4, 2015

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Reminiscent of some of the artist’s earlier works, this piece is a show-stopping example of the artist’s skilled use of color blending through the use of different media. The dark purple and grey undertones resonate as a stark contrast to the abstract 3D body of the piece that seems to come to life against the cool white-grey backdrop. The juxtaposition of colors and the dripped paint along the top of the canvas adds visual interest. The artist completed this painting in 2015 as the last of her works to portray and personify the dark, complex energy that often consumes and defines our world.

Blue- Yellow Seascape TM5, 2016

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The artist completed this piece in 2016 as the inaugural work in her second phase of creative transition. During her brief sabbatical from painting at the end of 2015/early 2016, the artist discovered skydiving as a source of creative exploration, and inspiration for reviving her artistic passion. This piece, inspired by the artist’s newfound creative energy, is a resounding portrayal of the convergence of sky and sea. This piece showcases the artist’s modern techniques, blending abstract impressionistic techniques with unique choice of media. For this piece the artist utilized larger swaths of household linens built in layers to achieve thicker 3D texture, and finished with layers of spray paint. The artist’s use of colors and layering of textures captures images of fluidity and transparency found in nature, embodying a vibrant, exclamatory, fluid, and ethereal seascape. The painting’s transformative appeal inspires its viewers in for a closer examination and exploration of its visual complexity.

Blue-Orange Skyscape TM6, 2017

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Completed in 2017, this piece is a reimagining of the modern art form. Inspired by her newfound passion for skydiving and the sense of peace brought on by the fluid art form, the artist chose to create this piece as a transformative departure from her earlier works. This piece speaks to its viewers, stimulating a vision of light and rebirth. Symbolic of the first rays of light that burst forth from the early morning sunrise into the heavens, the layers of color stretch across the canvas, illuminating the sky at dawn. By blending brighter, more vibrant and light-filled hues, the artist achieves a vital medium in this work that is at once transparent, and awe-inspiring.

Cerulean Seascape TM7, 2017

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Completed in 2017 as the third installation in the artist’s focus on the fluid art form, this work is resplendent and expressive. Ripe with movement, the painting’s many layers ebb and flow together like a tidal wave crashing against the shore. The artist chose to paint in a monochromatic color scheme, taking a creative leap from her previous works where she painted with colors across multiple spectrums. Her ability to create dimension and depth using only one color scheme proves her versatility as a contemporary abstract painter. The piece is a turbulent and tumultuous play on the senses, engaging viewers to pause and take a moment to find inspiration in its intricate rhythm.