Tatiana Malinine is a contemporary abstract artist living and residing in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Raised in Geneva, Switzerland, the artist captures the ethereal and imaginative in her awe-inspiring large-scale paintings. Her conceptual depictions of the transformative effects of light and color convey a sense of harmony between sky and sea.

The artist draws her inspiration from a childhood spent extensively traveling with her parents who worked in aviation; her early paintings bring to life a sweeping panorama of cloud formations and ocean waves seen from thousands of feet up. Ms. Malinine’s art illuminates the fluid shapes, colors, and textures of the horizon, and the blending of sky and sea. Her hobby as a skydiver inspires her current work, providing her with the knowledge to convey the dynamic and exhilarating feeling of free falling, and the connection between air, land, and sea.

The artist paints on large canvases, building 3D texture with the utilization of spray paint and common household items such as bed linens and scraps of paper. She builds upon the layers of color and texture by blending a medium of water-soluble neocolor wax with acrylics. She applies highlighting and shading to the layers of texture to achieve rich complex surfaces, and beautiful, vibrant hues. Her application is bold, colorful, and awe-inspiring.

Ms. Malinine is a graduate of the International School of Geneva and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. She works with the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce, Irish American Chamber of Commerce, and serves on the Board of Garage 22. In 2007, she founded a freelance graphic design company that became MOLT Branding in 2012, a boutique brand agency that specializes in strategic brand development and graphic design. Ms. Malinine’s corporate, modern, and minimalist design methodology combined with her artistic background has earned her a solid reputation amongst her clients. MOLT Branding has an international client base, ranging from luxury lifestyle and travel brands to small businesses, and large corporate and nonprofit entities in the maritime and cruising industries. Ms. Malinine’s business ideology – “Transformation is only natural” – inspires her passion as both a graphic designer and an artist.