ArtResin 32 OZ Challenge

Grateful to have gotten to participate in the ArtResin 32 OZ Challenge! Turns out that 32 OZ of ArtResin is the perfect amount to give some personality to a desk!

This was the original desk:

Modern and practical but definitely missing some personality! 

All I needed was a bit of masking tape for the edges and some of my favorite colors to mix into the resin. I love this product, I uses it for all of my paintings because it's easy to work with and doesn't yellow overtime. Here's the work in progress:

After a few hours I was able to remove the masking tape. The coating was nice and super thick so I let it sit for 48hrs before putting the desk to use. It doesn't need that long to dry I just prefer to give it some time.

Here are some of the final images:

Even my dogs approve!!!

Thank you ArtResin!!!