What began as a small freelance design company in 2007 and later morphed into a modern boutique agency, MOLT is an innovative leader in strategic brand development. With her fifteen years of graphic design experience and background in contemporary art and foreign language, Tatiana Malinine founded MOLT on the premise of transformation. Through MOLT, she developed a business model that is contemporary, minimalistic, and transformative. MOLT recognizes the value of growth and effective brand marketing, and aligns its business model with the hummingbird in nature. Ms. Malinine named her company after the hummingbird’s molting process, whereby the bird sheds its feathers for a fresh, new appearance. This process is a metaphor for MOLT’S business methodology: for a company to develop and grow, it must first transform.

MOLT’s proven methods and designs have earned Ms. Malinine a strong reputation as an innovative talent in her field. From small refinements to complete brand analysis and design, MOLT tailors its boutique branding services to meet the individual needs of its clients.