Drawing inspiration from her childhood spent extensively traveling with her parents who worked in aviation, Tatiana Malinine pursued skydiving as a venture in discovery and creative exploration. What began as a hobby quickly turned into a passion, and allowed her the freedom to connect to a sense of peace while amongst the clouds, free from the stress of daily life.

As a freeflying skydiver, Ms. Malinine finds inspiration for her personal and professional work both as an artist and graphic designer. Skydiving provides her with the knowledge to artistically convey the dynamic and exhilarating feeling of free falling; her artwork is an exploration into the connection between the sky, land, and sea. The challenging and adventurous facets of the sport provide her with the creative latitude needed to cultivate and transform a broad range of branding services for her clients at MOLT.

After receiving her skydiving license in 2015, Tatiana Malinine began doing weekly jumps, fueling a creative bridge between her art and design work at MOLT. She defines skydiving as not just a sport, but a fluid art form; a choreographed movement during free fall in which one’s body and mind connect and expand into a tranquil vacuum as expansive and infinite as the horizon.