Blue-Greyscape TM1, 2013

Size: 3'3 x 6'

Blue-Greyscape TM1, 2013

Size: 3’3 x 6

As one of the artist’s earliest pieces of modern impressionist art, the work is both transformative and moody. The artist completed this piece in 2013 utilizing shading techniques and household linens to create 3D texture as she does in her subsequent works. The dark blue overlying the white media draws the viewer’s eye inwards and outwards, as it bridges the space between skylight and darkness. The stark white-grey medium, spread as vibrant tendrils across the canvas, serves as a bright counterpoint to the smooth, tranquil blue-grey hues and shadows that ebb and flow throughout the piece. The artist’s blending of colors and textures in this early work created a foundation for her future paintings.

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