Blue-Green Whitescape TM3, 2015

Size: 3'3 x 5'

Blue-Green Whitescape TM3, 2015

Size: 3’3 x 5′

This piece, completed in 2015, signifies the first phase of the artist’s creative transition. This work while reminiscent of its darker, complex predecessors exists as a departure from earlier works. Just as dusk gives way to darkness and then the first rays of light at sunrise, the dark grays and blue-black marbling in this work blend and then disappear into the bright, light seascape. This piece is the first in this showcase that incorporates the theme of unity, epitomized by the depiction of animals. The two overlapping heads of the turtles embody harmony, togetherness, and a sense of peace in an otherwise tumultuous and unstable world.

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