Blue – Yellow Seascape TM5, 2016

Size: 5'1 x 5'8

Blue – Yellow Seascape TM5, 2016

Size: 5’1 x 5’8

The artist completed this piece in 2016 as the inaugural work in her second phase of creative transition. During her brief sabbatical from painting at the end of 2015/early 2016, the artist discovered skydiving as a source of creative exploration, and inspiration for reviving her artistic passion. This piece, inspired by the artist’s newfound creative energy, is a resounding portrayal of the convergence of sky and sea. This piece showcases the artist’s modern techniques, blending abstract impressionistic techniques with unique choice of media. For this piece the artist utilized larger swaths of household linens built in layers to achieve thicker 3D texture, and finished with layers of spray paint. The artist’s use of colors and layering of textures captures images of fluidity and transparency found in nature, embodying a vibrant, exclamatory, fluid, and ethereal seascape. The painting’s transformative appeal inspires its viewers in for a closer examination and exploration of its visual complexity.

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