Blue-Orange Skyscape TM6, 2017

Size: 5'8 x 5'1

Blue-Orange Skyscape TM6, 2017

Size: 5’1 x 5’8

Completed in 2017, this piece is a reimagining of the modern art form. Inspired by her newfound passion for skydiving and the sense of peace brought on by the fluid art form, the artist chose to create this piece as a transformative departure from her earlier works. This piece speaks to its viewers, stimulating a vision of light and rebirth. Symbolic of the first rays of light that burst forth from the early morning sunrise into the heavens, the layers of color stretch across the canvas, illuminating the sky at dawn. By blending brighter, more vibrant and light-filled hues, the artist achieves a vital medium in this work that is at once transparent, and awe-inspiring.

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