Gold Coast TM39

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Size: 24”w X 48”h per panel
Resin and acrylic paint on canvas

To view this piece call to schedule an appointment: 954-205-5783

This artwork is one-of-a-kind authentic, original work.

Available to be shipped immediately.
All copyright and recognition rights are reserved by the artist, Tatiana Malinine.

The artwork will be shipped along with a signed certificate of authenticity. All artwork is signed by the artist with her red thumbprint and initials on the top left hand edge and stamped humming bird logo on the back of the piece.  

Edges are purposely left rough. The artwork is not designed to be framed. The frame edge is 0.75"

**Open for commissions**
If you like the style of this piece but the size or color scheme does not fit in with your interior, consider a commission piece! A commission piece is one of a kind hand made item just for you. It can be similar in style but will not be the same as this piece. You can pick a color scheme and your preference on how textured the piece is. Some are built out with cloth and are very textured and others have a smoother surface with subtle textures from the different paints/mediums used.